Grill Chill


Grill Chill is an easily attachable product that effectively cools down the radiator. Since Grill Chill attaches directly to the grill of your car, it forces all of the airflow directly into the radiator and will continue cooling the car as it is jacked up and put on jack stands. No more bulky box fans getting in the way and blowing under the car while it's jacked up!

Grill Chill can quickly be attached and removed from the car in seconds, once the supplied hardware is installed. It's perfect during practice sessions, before qualifying, between twin races, and anytime you need to get your car cooled down quick!

What's included?
The Grill Chill and all necessary mounting hardware is included.

Will this Grill Chill system fit my car?
Grill Chill is currently available for AR Bodies and Five Star Bodies front bumpers.

How do I place an order?
To place an order, please contact us.